Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Conversations with #3

While playing his ABC game where we turn over a card that has one letter on it and try to match it to pictures of things on our Bingo cards that start with that letter his running commentary was hilarious:

Me: A is for Ant!
#3: I don't love ants! I squash them with my finger! And then they'll be all dead! Just this finger (holds up his pointer finger for a second and then adds the middle finger). Now 2 fingers.

Me: T is for Tiger!
#3: I don't love tigers because they BITE me!
Me: Yeah I guess they could if you got too close so that's why we just look at them.
#3: Yeah, they BITE me!

Me: D is for Dinosaur (I pointed to the picture)!
#3: (Looking at it unimpressed and shaking his head at me) No. It's a Triceratops.

Me: F is for ... (I pointed and waited)
#3: WOLF!
Me: Actually it's a fox.
#3: Actually it's a wolf. Grrrr (baring his teeth at me).

Me: E is for ...
#3: ELEPHANT! Now (pause for effect), I don't LOOOOVVVEE elephants. They stomp on me and because they squirt water on me (patting his belly dramatically) and I get all wet cause I don't love them. Cause they get water all over me.

Me: p is for ...
#3: Paints ... Baby G paints all over on her face, but not you too. And not me. But Baby G paints all over her face. And I don't love colors because they are NOT tasty.

Me: Z is for zebras!
#3: That's an "n."
Me: No, it's a "z" and it's for zebras.
#3: I don't love zebras because they lick me.
Me: When did they do that?
#3: Because they can lick me all wet! (Thinks about it for a second) Turtles lick me too. When they have tongues.

Me: U is for ... (i point to the umbrella)

#3: I is for igloo. I don't love igloos! Because they're dark. Me and daddy and baby G and...did you think it was dark in there?

#3: FOOT-NOSE!!!! (Yelled totally out-of-the-blue while pointing up at J's picture on the wall)
Man that kid was on a roll! I chose to play games with him instead of putting him down for a nap today. Think he appreciated the one-on-one time?