Thursday, May 22, 2014

Just like big brother

I just found this old blog post that I'd never posted. G wants to be and do everything just like dude. 
Whether or not it makes sense to do it.
They caught an ant. It was fascinating.
If only she would sit still as long as he does!
Oh, you're going to stand by this tree? Me too!
 Use the stool as a table? Great idea! 
 Oooh oooh! I can do thumbs up too!
Hope he appreciates all the love because shadows are hard to lose :)

Bismarck zoo

In Bismarck on a beautifully warm, sunny day? Kids have been good while we've run around trying to get all errands done in town? Parents exhausted but kids begging to do something fun? Perfect time to go to the zoo!!
Mom, can we have a wallaby?
It's so toot!
Even Baby L was happy to be there, even if a few of the animals did startle her (no more than her siblings do daily though).
And what's this species of animal called?

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

North Dakota fun!

 A sunny AND warm day? Time to head over to Medora for some good times with Nana and Bopa!!
They have the greatest playground ever there. Seriously love it. Even if you could lose a child or two there if you blink...
Then we headed over to the Teddy Roosevelt National Park while the weather held. The girls were working hard on passing off the requirements to be sworn in as Jr. Park Rangers (to be finished another day). Everyone else was just chasing prairie dogs. Except G. She was studying buffalo chips. " do they feel? What do they smell like? How much taller can I be if I stand on them?"
"Then again, those holes sure are interesting too! Probably mostly because all the grown-ups keep telling me not to stick my hands or feet in them!" We're just no fun. However, neither are the poisonous spiders and rattlesnakes that can hide in the holes.
Look! Buffalo babies! They look just like cow calves. When do their heads go from tiny and cute to massive and hairy?
Time to hike to the second highest peak in the park! Those are some steep steps for tiny legs, even if the second highest peak is only so high.
Of course, it would be helpful if tiny legs would accept help instead of being all "I do it!"
Regardless, it's less trouble when you look cute in cowboy, I mean, cowgirl boots.
Ta dah! Even Baby L made it to the top!
 Is it any wonder this area is called "Big Sky Country?" Stay away from that edge kids!
Neener, neener, neener.
Blah! (Thanks to Dude, this is now what she does when you ask her to smile. Thanks a lot Dude.)
All safe and sound and having fun! Sure do enjoy exploring. And sure do enjoy having Nana and Bopa here!!

Thank you Pinterest!

"Finger painting" without the mess! GENIUS! And since we did this before ever doing real finger painting, they didn't even know what they were missing! And it was fun for all ages. We left them taped to the table for a week and nobody that sat down could help but swirl the paint around. Rather theraputic. Just pour paint into a ziploc, and tape it down onto the table on top of a white piece of paper (so the paint shows up better). And then swirl to your heart's content! Dude even had fun "writing" letters in his and drawing shapes. Good times!