Monday, October 24, 2016

Crazy little people

L came walking in pulling a xylophone and said, "mommy look!" I replied, "what a nice xylophone." She looked at me, at it, and then held it to her ear with a slightly quizzical look and asked, "hello?"

Happy mom moments:

After dude drew a picture in church of Kylo Ren killing Han, Coop told him to draw something happier. So he drew flowers. Flowers being killed by Kylo Ren.

I was just told the RS president was in primary and asked G her name. She said it but she didn't understand twice and then G said, maybe "I'll just tell you a different name instead."
Oh and during the primary program, in which G clearly had no idea what where or who she was, we just barely stopped her from slingshotting her headband into the congregation by shaking our heads so vigorously that she actually noticed, and slowly lowered the weapon. When the teacher tried to help Dude with his part, he shook his head, looked alarmed and whispered emphatically, "I don't need that. I. Have. It. Memorized." Awesome.

After reading Corduroy, I asked dude and G to draw a picture of themselves in our house with a stuffed animal. Apparently Dude believes we live next to a jail?
For bad monsters of course.
And G thinks we live in a tent with the sheep. Ha! At least there's something to count when we can't sleep? 

G just said to Coop "mom told me to tell you to make her nachos right now or else mom will buy a gun and shoot you with a hard dart." Dad: "Nope. "Then, "Dad. I want you to stop doing what you're doing and make what I want. Think about it. In your head."

Me: "G! How could you not have seen your blanket?? You walked right over it!"
G: "well, when I walked by I was looking at the ceiling. I thought it was probably on the ceiling."

G: "look at me mom! I'm so awesome."
Grace is making up the words to a new library book she's reading to herself. Just overheard, "why did you say Boom-Shaka-laka? Bc you're awesome. Oh, ok!"

Watching Dude do math is hilarious. A word problem said a fish store had 90 fish and a customer bought 40. Dude then spent the next five minutes telling everyone who would listen, "WHY WOULD ONE PERSON NEED 40 FISH?!?!?!?" He ended up decided after considering many possibilities that the most likely reason was the guy had as a pet this giant worm thing that lives deep in the sea and eats lots of fish. Right.

Next time, maybe I shouldn't make the smoothie so thick. And yes, I did take a picture before helping her. But I felt bad about it! Face freeze!

L looked at this pic of herself and cooed, "oh what a cute little face!" This right after she'd whined and whined about her boot hurting her, only to pull a fork out of her boot minutes later.

When soccer took over our life

J's on Team Artemis (they play on full-size fields! Holy running!):
M's on the Seahawks (she was quite upset that their name didn't make any sense with their color! She wanted to be the Blazers. Good girl):
Dude's on the Hawks where they don't keep score (try telling that to the kids), and parents aren't to yell instructions from the sideline but only encouragement equally to all players on the field:
So yeah. Our Saturdays are toast. And at least one somebody has practice every evening of the week, except Friday when they go to Show-Stopping Singers. Oh and Coop is M's assistant coach. Thank heavens we decided G wasn't old enough to need to play yet!
P.S. Sometimes soccer weather in Oregon isn't all that great!

Summertime Busies

(Just found this post that I never actually published!)

L: what doing mama? 
Me: putting on mascara. 
L: why?
Me: to make my eyes pretty.
L(said in a tone that says I'm being rediculous): you no pretty mom! 

This is the face of exhaustion.
On a separate note, we happened upon an excellent way of getting through church with L! Have Grammy offend her by saying no so that L pouts on the ground. She's so dang stubborn that she will then refuse to get up or look up, and will in fact lie there so long that she'll fall asleep. Most delightful first hour of church we've had in years! Course then she may not be too happy to wake up...

Courtesy of my sister: 
G: when I grow up, I wanna be a cheetah.
Dude: you can't be a cheetah! you cannot grow up to be anything but a human.
M: you can be anything you want to be.
(So amazingly indicative of their personalities!)
She's got her own style:

Do you know how hard it is to ride a bike with somebody asleep on your arm?

Science and craft day at the library was awesome. Including the moment when L walked into a little girl who was holding her freshly painted masterpiece, and ended up with it plastered to her hair. I only stopped laughing long enough to take a picture.
Oh and there was reptile day at the library - EEK!
Read this line to G in a book, "and her heart melted." G a few pages later, very concerned asked, "so did she not have a heart anymore?"

Seconds after getting out of her bath. This girl.

Blueberries for Sal. 
25 lbs of them in less than an hour with these stellar helpers! Sure, some ran out of gas a bit before we were done and sure some of them probably should have been charged for their weight gain but I'm still impressed!

So I'm taping this instructional watercolor video and G walks up, I guess thinks I'm talking to her and starts saying ok after every sentence I say.

I just asked the kids to come do their chores and M pipes up, "it's Sunday! No work on Sunday!" Dude clarifies, "no work for ANGELS on Sunday." Not even sure what to say about that.

But we've been having tons of fun lately too while my brother's family was in town! We went to the beach where we ran like crazy from those ice-cold waves:
Dug holes to sit in:
And got comforted when the waves were faster than we were:
Oh and we went to the zoo:
And to Omsi too: 
Future chemists in the house?
Or perhaps Martians? Only time can tell.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Field trips and Funnies

Dude: So mom, is it right that whoever has the most points when the game is over, wins? 
Me: yep! Now you understand football!
Dude: well that's not quite ALL of it.

Annie the caterpillar, who I'm pretty sure they scared to death: 

Me: G, no more talking. Just eating. 
G: but mooooom! Talking is my favorite thing to do!

Potty training going well:
No seriously. How did they potty train when they only had outhouses? Or what did they do in the middle of the night in winter??? Ha. Also got to play school, hand-dip candles and learn lots at the End of the Oregon Trail Museum:

G: Fine! Then I'm getting off the tramp! 
L: Me too! 
G: Fine! Then I'm getting back on! 
L: Me too! 
G: Aaargh! 😤

So I'm sitting here in the driveway while G climbs the tree. A guy just drove by slowly, hung out his window pointing at G and hollered, should she be in that tree? And kept driving. Thank you random citizen. She's a kid. Yea, she should be in that tree.

Am trying to take a nap to get rid of my headache while a huge fly buzzes around my room, J practices her violin and the others watch Dora the explorer. What are the chances I sleep?

J is currently pacing while memorizing a Robert Frost poem by chanting it at the top of her lungs. I might've shown them Anne of Green Gables doing her recitation all dramatically.

When L wouldn't stop screaming at G to give her her book, G finally threw it at her and yelled, "I hate your attention!"

G came running up to me, said with relief, "Just in time mom," and handed me a little rock. And ran off. Never to explain or to check on her precous rock that she saved from a horrible fate?

Recent homeschool day trip with Grammy and Papa to Astoria to Fort Clatsop to learn about Lewis and Clark and get sworn in yet again as Jr Park Rangers:
And to the Astoria Column for the early history of Astoria and an incredible view, across the six mile bridge, to the famous deteriorating shipwreck and the Lewis and Clark salt works in Seaside:
And the coolest thing? Getting to go on the ship Columbia:
where their Papa was stationed when he was in the coast guard in 1960. It's been made into a National Historic Landmark but the bunk he slept on is still there: 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

4th of July fun!

Mountain biking to start off the celebrations's so American? Or maybe just because we're in Bend!
Crashing the pet parade with our pink, red, and blue homemade Pinterest-fail t-shirts! Oh well, they did stand out in a crowd and helped us keep track of each other!
3-legged race with pretty awesome form, right?
Just cute. And always with that I'm-up-to-something look!
The kids mostly had fun doing weenie Oregon fireworks our front, other than when M gashed her head and came in bleeding profusely. But for better or worse, kids weren't shooting Roman candles at each other like last year in North Dakota! All right, not going to lie, I don't miss that part but otherwise the fireworks left me missing ND!
Born in the USA!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer fun

"We're the king of the world!"

All that playing makes us thirsty! 

Laziest horsie I've ever seen but they're still entertained!

Do you remember that old Burger King commercial where the guy didn't want to get a whopper because he had these "tiny hands?" That's totally what she makes me think of! 

Last game! Wahoo!!! Softball season is over!!!! I mean, uh, I'll really miss it... But here's her last at bat and she hit that high ball and just barely made it to base!

L always likes to be one with public sculpture:
Meri: MOM! Grace is drawing bums in a notepad.
Meri: MOM! She did it again but says it's a toy.
Me: "well, maybe some toys look like bums?"
Apparently the funniest thing anybody has EVER said.

L thinks the carrot is basically the stick in a Ranch dressing sucker that you get to refill again and again or at least until one of your older siblings realizes you're double dipping!
I heard Dude leave the playroom in a hurry and instantly G started yelling, "come back! I need you!" He either didn't hear her or didn't care but somebody did for then I heard the tiny, little high-pitched voice of L saying, "wha? You need me?" G wasn't as tickled as I was and thus began a shouting match of "no! I don't need you" and L: "uh huh, you DO need me!" Hahaha.

G: I want a thousand pony tails today mom!
G (after looking in the mirror): well, actually that's only five but I guess that's okay.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Camping Chaos

Having shared these photos on Facebook, I promptly forgot to here but since the whole reason I keep a blog is so I can swish it all magically into a blog book, which I count as a family journal, here I go with a flood of pictures after my incredible run-on sentence.
G had three of these the first night. She REALLY likes her hot dogs.
But everybody knows the real meal is s'mores!
Tree hugger. Her middle name might be Dakota but she appears to be Oregonian through and through.
So we didn't entirely know the plan here but our friends invited the kids on the raft and so we sent them on their way. And saw them nearly two hours later when they came back to us. But more than we'd expected but they had a blast and happily proved that girls are braver than boys by being two of only three kids brave enough to jump off some high rocks!
The views were incredible, which we appreciated even if Dude whined about how mom has to stop and take pictures alllllllll the time.
The top of a killer hike. But after the quick picture, mom's nerves couldn't handle them sitting on the edge of this major cliff and it was time to go back down!
Sunday afternoon hike. Of course you have to hold your breath when crossing bridges.
See? I'm not the only one that likes views!
There are too many kids in this tub, I mean tent.
Ice cream works as a perfect bribe for most anything. In this case, for getting them to help clean up camp. 
First hiking stop on our way home! The kids just love to climb.
I'm winning them over to my side! Look at that pretty view kids!
She's all smiles but that water is COLD!
So proud of herself for making it to the big rock halfway across the freezing cold creek at the bottom of the waterfall!
And then randomly this one turns to me and says, "I sleep here now." And pretends to do just that. She looks like a fairy or nymph. She might be one. 
And third hike of the trip home to the second highest falls in Oregon! Legs are BURNING!
I think everyone had fun! Even daddy. Now who's going to clean the car out?