Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just like big brother

Anything he can do, she thinks she can do too! Fortunately, it's not competitive ... yet. She just wants to be right next to him doing whatever he thinks is cool! Whether it's playing with blocks, or 
reading a book, or 
putting your cup on your head, or 
admiring and talking to your trapped bug, or 
watching tv. Most of the time he's cool with it. Hope that continues because I love the love!

Cutie patootie

No words needed.
(Cup hog. Better to be prepared. That way you never run out.)
Too much smoothie love!
And just cute. Love her bright eyes!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

What to do on a blustery day...

CARS! Cars are always fun. So we made a parking garage for our cars and gave them assigned parking for a little number recognition/matching fun times (Of course a Pinterest idea. You didn't think I came up with it on my own, did you? I'm totally not that awesome). But dude doesn't care! He thought it was SO COOL! Baby G was very "helpful" in the construction process. Of course.
I added the arrows and explained the enter and exit and then he went through the cars one at a time saying, "When THIS guy wants to leave, he has to follow the arrows!" Love that he's so literal right now that the thought of them going against the arrows never crossed his mind! 
Baby G, however, was a menace to the whole orderly process. She did not respect the assigned parking spots nor the arrows, which of course drove brother nutty. So we added an element she could enjoy. A ramp! Ramps are always fun! She loved it. So did he - so much so that the numbered parking was no longer fun. Sad.
But even that only lasted so long, so we added roads! "Mom, you made the road a long way. You're not supposed to make it a long way." 
Note to future self: Longer or bigger is not always better. There is the danger that it's too long and thus, will result in a loss of interest. Live and learn I suppose. Live and learn.