Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What happened to my baby boy?

I'll leave you to imagine how I feel about it and how long I cried.
(Sorry for the terrible pics taken on a phone)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chub and Chump

Baby G is really into standing these days. Course she needs a little help. I mean look at those legs! Those things aren't built for walking. Their shape seriously cracks me up.
And dude is VERY into anything baby G is into. When he sees me heading to put her in her saucer he'll often try to run around me and dive in. He's a goof. He jumps in her swing. Lies down on her blankets. Tries to climb into her crib. Gets in her carseat, which is pretty ridiculous-looking. He'll even occasionally lie down in the Boppy and smile up at me. Fortunately he hasn't done any of those things when she's already there. Yet.
He actually really likes her, as do we all. And how could you not? Look at her:

Leaving on a jet plane

So we've been in our new house a whole week now! And while we still have quite a long ways to go to be unpacked (not to even mention all the projects and painting and DIY and landscaping and on and on that we have left before the house is the way we, or maybe I should say I, want it), it wouldn't have got done at all if it hadn't been for my parents who came for the weekend to help us move in! A bazillion thank you's. They left us with the house in a disorderly live-able situation, which was WAY better than what it was the day before. But they did have to leave, which was terribly sad for everybody. Here we are bringing them to our tiny little airport right here in Dickinson:
And with them leaving, I became "that" lady. You know the crazy one with more kids than she can handle who looks totally in-over-her-head? The one who's daughter made it to the airport before she really realized she was wearing a Snow White dress-up? That's me!
Dude was trying to get away from me here to get to these guys, who M also kept running to sobbing (the whole scene got pretty sad):
But I love how in this pic you can see them going through the security line, and the windows behind them show the plane they're getting on. They walk right through security and out that door basically. And then we ran outside to watch them get on their plane (we have kind of a small airport):
Before he left though, as one final gift, Bopa gave the kiddos money for the little candy machines. This is what dude looked like AFTER I cleaned him up. Nice. He wasn't too happy about waiting to watch the plane (which the girls insisted on) until it actually started to move. That, he thought, was pretty exciting.
We look forward to when Nana and Bopa come again!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lady, you have your hands full (as if I didn't know!)

In hopes that you can enjoy a laugh at my expense, here's a chat conversation my husband and I just had:

me:  holy chaos
g poop exploded in the swing outside
trying to get it off her leg i got poop in i's water table
while i was inside changing her, dude confiscated m's popsicle, causing a total meltdown
 Cooper:  WOW
 me:  i had to remove the whole swing fabric while g screamed
 Cooper:  oh, man. oh man
 me:  i then dumped out the water, making a huge mud puddle
didn't think that through thoroughly
sent m to quiet time so she could get ahold of herself, which she protested wildly
then dude began painting his legs with mud
 Cooper:  WOW
the same poop mud?
 me:  have to deal with that before he comes in but g screams loudy each time i think of putting her down
and yes, the poop mud
so, how's your afternoon going?
 Cooper:  that. is. amazing.
 me:  just looked down and g is asleep sitting up in my unsanitary hands

Cooper:  wow
 me:  wish she'd stay that way
 Cooper:  of course
man, I'm sorry.
what an afternoon.
 me:  and i need to put dude straight in the shower
good thing i just remembered there's a poopie diaper in there
 Cooper:  just add it to the list
that's absolutely amazing
I'm so sorry
 me:  that wasn't the afternoon by the by
that was 15 minutes
 Cooper:  well sure.
got any more big plans for the evening? Major blowups? Poop on the walls?
 me:  well dude is running around naked so you never know

Cooper:  fun!
 me:  while i typed that, he peed all over the futon
 Cooper:  kid's a machine.
 me:  i now feel like i need one of those sanitizing machines from monsters inc
 Cooper:  2319! 2319!!!
 me:  pretty sure i've been contaminated by a human child
or two
or four
 Cooper:  clearly
 me:  i need some chocolate

Friday, July 13, 2012

The wonders of North Dakota living

Before they even got here, my parents turned them into cowgirls in an effort to help them fit in. Now I don't know how well it's going to work, but they look darling and more importantly, they're finally here!!!! We are all back together as a family finally, and for good. Aaaaah. Feels good. And noisy. It is definitely noisier. 
Little dude was THRILLED to have the girls back! It was adorable. M woke up first, and he dragged her around the apartment, not willing to let her go as he showed her everything in the place. While they played ring-around-the-rosies he just laughed and repeated her name again and again. Makes a mommy's heart feel good. He was just as excited when J woke up. I won't mention the skirmishes we've had when he's realized he now has to share toys we have with somebody other than an infant who can't do anything with them in the first place...
Baby G has basically looked like this since everyone came. She is blown away by all the activity and the increase in noise. I think she likes it. Difficult to say as of yet, but it hardly matters either way!
So with Nana and Bopa in town (after a bit of a bumpy tiny plane arrival), we decided to go explore one of the top tourist destinations of North Dakota :) This is Theodore Roosevelt state park, which has our badlands. Pretty spectacularly unbelievable views. And hot. Very hot.

And lots and lots of prairie dogs. Silly little chirping things that they are. 
He kinda looks like one, don't you think?
Please, Mr. Prairie Dog, won't you come out? We'd like to take you home as a pet. Mom would be okay with it I'm sure (shaking my head no).
When I said "lots," I really meant it. We saw thousands of these friendly little things. Every time we turned a corner there was another sprawling prairie dog metropolis (which might be the only kind of sprawling metropolis we'll see for quite awhile). And there are some of the painted hills in the background. Very cool. 
Here we are all together again, pink cheeks and all! They came in to town on my birthday on Wednesday which was the perfect birthday present (along with the beautiful flowers from my hubby)! And later today, we close on our new house!!!!! So far, being 31 isn't so bad!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Our little handfuls

Surprise happy face!
Happy baby toes!
Um...there's somebody's finger in my mouth. Is that normal? Well I guess I'll suck on it then (Dude was just pointing out her body parts to show the camera).
And he also likes to share with her! This is pretty big since these things are two of his three most prized possessions. She isn't sure what the big deal is, or why she can't see as well when he shares them :)
Sometimes he helps her talk on my phone (which he has taken to stealing and making calls unbeknownst to me). Be careful though dude, she'll suck on that too if you give her the chance!
And quite often she pulls this over on top of herself. Dude often comes to her rescue though or makes sure I do!
Isn't she a doll? And yes, she did get a little sun on her cheeks. Our bad.
The little man kept jabbering while I was trying to get a nice shot of baby G, and then I finally realized he was saying, camera, camera? Once I snapped his shot too, he was good. Love his too-cool pose!
And baby G, will you hold my water bottle for a sec? Sure mom! You don't mind if I take a drink, do you? Which, by the way, caught dude sharing his juice sippy with her the other day. Didn't think she got any, until she started madly licking her lips. Since then, she's been lunging at our food whenever it's near and staring at it with those bug-eyes. I think he started something.