Monday, October 06, 2014

Papa and the park

In the fall, Papa came to visit and help out a bit for a week. It was so nice having him here - the dishes have never been so clean! On his last night, we took advantage of the won't-be-warm-for-much-longer weather and headed over to our state park for some bonfire fun. Everybody was pretty excited!
Did I mention how helpful it was to have an extra set of hands?
The older three and I went exploring before the fire was ready looking for the best shots of the evening sky. So pretty! Nobody step in fresh buffalo chips!
G finally woke up and joined us as we let Tazz do some more exploring in the other direction.
She was ready to run!
This was the first time most of the gang, including Papa, had enjoyed the wonder of tin foil dinners. Too bad we forgot our utensils. 
M with her flaming ball of marshmallow char. To each their own.
Baby L watched from a safe distance. The kids had so much fun they wanted to know if we could do this for FHE every week!