Monday, April 15, 2013

Snow Day Picture Overload

So turns out that this crazy April snowstorm was a North Dakota record amount of snowfall in a 24 hour period! And I'm thinking, that's gotta be saying something. Turns out 14-17 inches in one day is a whole lot of snow. Fortunately, it didn't continue snowing all day today as had been predicted (can you imagine?). In fact the sun came out and the wind stayed away and we got to go out and play! Saw snowmobiles going up and down our street. Not something I can say I've ever seen before out my front door! In April nonetheless (I put even more photos on Facebook in case this isn't enough for you :) ). 
Here's Coop and the girls trying to make it around to the front of the house. Got a bit deep I'd say with those snow drifts!
Dude had an even harder time following with his tiny legs and eventually decided crawling was easier. Seeing as he's light enough to mostly stay on top of the snow, he was definitely right.
And we invented a new game. Let's call it, Can-You-Stay-on-the-Snowpile-while-Mom-and-Dad-Pummel-You-With-Shovelfuls-of-Snow. Hilarious. And remarkably therapeutic :) Just kidding! You should have heard them taunting us and begging for more! 
Even some of the kids' friends from up the street joined in the good times. It was quite the game! And after more than an hour of shoveling and throwing and very frequently knocking the giggly girls over, let's just say we're a little bit sore!
Dude got comfy and enjoyed himself eating the biggest hunk of snow he could lift in the meantime.
After mom and dad ran out of snow to shovel, much to all the kids' disappointment and to our great relief, they decided to build tunnels in our snow pile! Sadly they got bored of the project well before the two ends connected, but it was a valiant effort nonetheless.
And when Baby G woke up, I even let her come out! She'd sat at the window watching the kids longingly and then when I started to put her snowsuit on she actually applauded with excitement. So cute.
I loved how she crawled over and kept poking little bits of snow like "what's this?"
And the tunnel was just her size!
Although she was much more interested in eating the snow. Laying flat, face-first.
Oh look! More snow!
One of the big kids, just chillin' with my sisters!
Dude was also just the right size for their tunnel-turned-cave. He thought it was pretty sweet and as you can clearly see, we really enjoyed our snow day!
Oh also, I've finally caught up on our blog. I went back and added a bunch of posts from Easter and our South Dakota trip back in March, which was when they happened, so scroll down to see them if you'd like. There's some pretty fun stuff (7 posts or so) that I couldn't let go unrecorded!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 14th - Biggest snowstorm of the year

According to that darn, lying, son of a groundhog, it's suppose to be spring. Either he was confused, or I am. 
M needed J's help just to make it back up the hill. Dude could hardly get off the porch without help. And this is only what it looked like by 9 AM this morning. It's projected to keep snowing until 11 PM tomorrow! Not sure what that's going to look like!!
 Sadly there was too much dry snow to even sled. Nice effort though by Coop, the family mule.
Baby G and I watched from the warmth of our home. She laughed and laughed watching her brother stomp around and tried to sneak out every time I opened the door to take a picture. 

 Don't think they've ever seen snow this deep that wasn't on a mountain! This is just our backyard. Crazy. And again, can I mention that it's APRIL 14TH?! J actually prayed last night that the snowstorm wouldn't come and that the trees would all be in blossom in the morning. We might have to make some paper blossoms to make ourselves feel better. And hot chocolate. Lots of hot chocolate.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

1 year-old photo shoot

Not knowing of anywhere to go to get Baby G's picture taken, I thought I'd try to take some nice 1 year-old shots for the wall. The first attempt, though rather drooly was the best. Went quickly downhill from there.
This is fun mom, but I'm outta here.
Hey, what's this on my head?
Mom said no!

Monday, April 08, 2013

Grandparent's Day

So by some wonderfully lucky coincidence, Nana's trip to visit us happened to bring her here right in time for Grandparent's Day at the girls' school! You cannot begin to imagine how the girls' faces lit up when I told them that!!! And just to make Nana feel old, the activity for the day was BINGO. Hehe. M and her won one round, and J generously shared Nana with some less fortunate friends who didn't have grandparents in town. It was a highlight of her trip for the girls for sure!

Our Toothless Reds

J was beyond ecstatic to finally fulfill a lifelong dream and lose a tooth while at school. How better to be the talk of the classroom? She actually got sent to the office to have the nurse pull her tooth because she was distracting too many people while showing off how much she could wiggle it around :) Although this is her third lost tooth, its the first one that hasn't already had the replacement tooth in behind it, so its the first time she's been able to enjoy a toothless grin! Man does she love it. And speaking of toothless grins ... here's Baby Red who still only has 4 tiny teeth on bottom! Cutie.