Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bibbidi Bobbodi Boo.

So I'm so proud of how this turned out that I have to share! I am far from a great seamstress. In fact, I'm fairly inept, but I did manage to turn this old shirt of Coop's into this darling dress for J without any magic at all! I think it turned out pretty good! Especially because the tutorial I was following was for a 2-3T sized girl, so I had to improvise a bit and completely make up parts like the ruffle on the bottom for added length. And the flower was a great addition as well. The whole thing only took 2 days when it would've taken my mom an hour, but I did it and she looks great! Now back to taking care of the house and other kids...

I messy Mama!

 The funny thing was he was only worried about his hands! And in case you were wondering, yes, he absolutely did take the sandwich apart and shove the jam side up against his face so he could lick it better. Boy.
Sometimes while I need him to stay in one place while I work in the kitchen, I let him play with bubbles in the sink. Sure there's a lot of "oops, Mama, I spill again," as he pours whole cupfulls everywhere but in the sink, but he also does cute things like submerge his hands, bring them up like this and say, "where my hands go?" He's a crack-up. The other night, he randomly said to me, "It's not a dinosaur mama, it's a pig." Hadn't been talking about either so I was a little confused, but did the only thing one could do at a time like that, and made an excellent pig sound. His head was turned, and he whipped it back with a gasp, and said, "Huh? Where da pig?" After a few more strategically timed pig sounds, he got a little scared and scurried up on the back of the couch, quite sure that "da pig is hiding hind the tv. I gotta find dat pig." Daddy came downstairs and it took him about 5 minutes to convince our little guy that it was just, "Mama is da pig sound." In on the game now, he spent the next half hour quacking, looking around dramatically with wide eyes, and exclaiming, "Where is dat duck hiding now?" He doesn't lack imagination!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The champ

M has decided to become the family's champion prayer-giver based on length alone. This honestly keeps her from being called on whenever we don't have 20 minutes to spare. Which, knowing her, could be her sneaky little point all along. On the other hand, she could just get joy out of keeping us all on our knees for as long as possible. Or perhaps she just takes pride in being so incredibly good at it. With her you never know! A couple of things she mentioned tonight:
Thank thee that Mommy painted our nails tonight.
Thank thee for the months of the year and the days of the week.
Thank thee for all the people whose birthdays are in February (I'll give you three guesses which month her birthday is in...but I'm pretty sure you'll only need one).
Thank thee that my birthday is on my favorite day.
Thank thee that it's almost my birthday.
Please bless me to love my birthday.
Please bless the President who our school is named after, President Abraham Lincoln.
Please bless me not to forget to mark my reading chart.
Of course, these are just the funny ones mentioned tonight alone. On top of that, she always mentions every family member by name, along with all sorts of other goodies. We had a few family home evenings awhile back on the importance of saying thank you's in our prayers. I think she got it.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

She likes oranges

And I like her chubby little wrists, her tiny button nose, and her dimples for knuckles. I like the way she devours an orange like she hasn't eaten in days, the crazed way in which she continuously yells if she sees an orange that she's not yet eating, and the mysterious way in which she gets orange pulp on top of her eyelids when eating. 
 Not to mention the bright eyes and sweet smile she turns my way whenever I come near.
 Or how she tries to do two at once if given the chance...
Or how she shoves kiwis in like they're trying to escape and she's gotta be quick. Sure do love her.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Fiesta Bowl 2013 - GO DUCKS!

My morning

Here are the texts I sent Coop this morning:
8:51 AM   Miss you. Dude cried quite a bit when you left today
8:54 AM   Then he wasn't too happy about the girls leaving.Wouldn't get in the car to take them. Just kept trying to get them to go downstairs and play with him on the playset.
8:54 AM   So to "help" J told him we were going to school where there's a big playset!
8:55 AM   Didn't go well (when I told him we weren't going to play on it because it's covered in snow and way too cold). But now he's happily singing O-O-O O'Reilly in the bath.
8:56 AM   And saying Fhat-do-fee again and again and again like it means something. Any idea?
8:59 AM   And he absolutely DOES scream like a girl.
9:00 AM   Now he's playing chubby bunny with foam bath letters.
9:15 AM   End of fun. Baby G bent down, grunted, stood up and there were 2 little poops floating on the number 3. Then I yelled at dude when he drank the water while I was fishing them out. He cried bc I hurt his feelings. Baby G screamed when I took her out and made her wait in her room so I could get dude out, who screamed bloody murder when I turned the shower on to more effectively rinse him down with clean water...and all this when I was trying to be nice and let them have a fun bath.

Time for naps!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Gotta Dance!

So this is crazy long, but I've been promising Nana video of them dancing for forever and just couldn't cut it down because they crack me up so much! M can seriously shake that little tushie. J really focuses, although that's easier to do when her pants stay up. And I can't get enough of dude dancing along. He jumps like 10 seconds late but rocks back-and-forth like a pro. Hope you enjoy it Nana:

Mr. Cute

His little voice just cracks me up these days. Love pretty much everything he says. No, that's not true. But I certainly do love him singing! Here's a fun little clip (love how Baby G thinks he's funny too):

On top of being my in-house musical entertainment, some days he's my miniature personal trainer. I was doing a Yoga workout today at home. Whenever I bent over to stretch, he'd jump on my back. Deeper stretch anyone? When I would lift my leg and hold it, he push them down with all his weight. And laugh his head off. He crawled in and out of my legs anytime I did downward-facing dog. When I stood up to breathe before the next pose (as instructed), he'd shout, "Down! Down!" And best of all, when I finished the workout, he ran and grabbed another exercise DVD and tried to shove it in the computer, saying, "Do dis exercise mama!" I told him I was done and he then chased me around saying "I wanna do more! I wanna exercise more!" Easy for him to say! He hardly lifted an arm.