Sunday, May 22, 2016

Say Cheese!

The squint smile in action:
The squint body in relaxation zoning out in front of the tv:
But all stretched out when she sleeps like a baby. Just wish she slept AS MUCH as a baby:
Pink skirt twinners having a face-to-face in the hallway:
G: My favorite dinosaur is a lion.
Dude (taking great offense): A lion is NOT a dinosaur!!!
Not sure why she thought she could get away with that one! 

G enjoys dressing herself, and then I have to decide if I'm willing to take her shopping like this:
And this: 
L thinks it's funny at least. But then again, she wears "Melmo" shoes everywhere she goes and thinks a diaper counts as clothes.

And then G goes and "cries herself to sleep on her huge pillah," which she has stuffed with every spare blanket she could find so that her "pillow can be fuffy!"

Mad scientist M, and now G bc of M, like to lay their foreheads against the washing machine when it's doing its last crazy cycle that sounds a bit like an airplane taking off. And then they say a long, drawn-out uuhhhhhhh to make it more fun.

Took the girls to see Alice in Wonderland. They really enjoyed the tea party at intermission:

Monday, May 16, 2016

Axolotls and Antics

This week it was Dude's turn for adventure! He went with Nana, Bopa, and Uncle Adam to Utah to celebrate his cousin's birthday by going to the zoo:
Going to the dinosaur museum (where he apparently walked around shaking his head repeating, "I CANNOT believe there is NO dilophasaurus!):
And fulfilling his lifelong dream of seeing a real axolotl:
This cool/weird kid has a thing for really obscure animals! He had a blast and we're so glad to have him back!

But those of us left behind had fun too! 
Reading books with Grammy. I might have to "lose" the Pinkalicious series soon.
I asked the girls to watch Ms. L for two minutes while I made a phone call. Good work girls:
G: "Mommy, I got my brain on fire!"
(5 min later, shaking her head) "Oh mom, now my brain is on ice." I feel that way all the time.

Smile big for the camera L. Okay, not THAT big:
Gotta keep the hat on while riding. Priorities you know:
Too far. It's just too far:
G (scooting into the garage): Mom, I just need some darkness. (Then proceeds to scoot backwards back out of the garage, making beeping sounds as she goes) I'm like a car!

G: I look just like her mama:
Sometimes it's hard for all of us to wake up. Giving up the binkie, blankie and pillow can be so rough! You wanna be up with everyone enjoying life, but you want them...what's a girl to do?
So when she finally handed them over she went and sang about it into the microphone. "I love my bean-tee, my mamaaaaaaa." Feeling pretty privileged to have made the list, and only just right behind the binkie.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Good times rolling

G: I love the color peent. 
Me: pinK-K-K. Say pinK.
G: Peeeen-CK! And I love the color purple-CK too. And how's this mom? Red-CK-CK-CK.

Visitors! We so love when family or friends come to visit and enjoy our chaos!
Dude: don't you think this looks like part of the Taj Mahal mom?
Blondies unite (L currently hardly lets M get anything done bc she wants piggyback rides and wants to play "mama sleep" and wants to have her read books and ... ):
G just "tasted the turkey with my chin and so I know I don't want it." (Robert Barone anyone?)

Going anywhere with this crowd is out of the question:
G: is this button for emergencies like when there are turtles in the doctors room?
As the garage door lowers, G stands there with her arm straight out pointed at it the whole time like she's lowering it with the force or something. She might just believe that.

Princess Sophia riding her ankylosaurus. Remember that episode?
M entertains herself in unusual ways when bored:
I asked G to go join the kids cleaning the playroom and went to the kitchen. Came back three minutes later and she's coloring in her coloring book on the couch. G! "Oh sorry mom, I couldn't hear you well. I thought you said to color in my book."

Glitter glue is DEFINITELY an outside toy.
G is on a roll today. In the last hour she has said:
"The stop sign says no scary people but yes silly people."
"I'm just pretending to cry bc I'm so beautiful."
"Remember when we went to that park? I peed on it." Said so matter of factedly.
"Mommy! I lost my mouth!" I assure you, she has not.
'Lake Oswego means Nana and Bopa's house but it's in Spanish."
"Mommy, remember this? DUN, DUN, dun dun sun DUN dun, and then I do my instruments like this: PFREEEW! PHREEW!"

Passover Seder time:
And not that all that isn't fun or anything but Cooper and I got away for a childless weekend!! Second weekend in 12 years!
Ninnie and Wes were perfect hosts in facilitating our weekend of the decade. And to make us jealous while we were gone, Bopa took the Big Three to the Blazers last playoff game with the Clippers!
Despite temptation, we even came back when the time was up.