Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas morning

 After having waited until a reasonable hour of day and after having watched our traditional Christmas morning video, it was time to go downstairs and have some fun! Doesn't baby G look excited?
 Run! Run! Who can get there first?
 While the others investigated the contents of their stockings, Baby G contemplated how best to devour the gingerbread houses the kids had left out for Santa.
 And then, much to Ninnie's dismay, the kids, having been made sufficiently happy and hungry, opted to take a break and eat breakfast before moving on to the presents under the tree. Can't be expected to work on an empty stomach! 

Monday, December 23, 2013

There and back again.

Dude, they gave me my own drink. This is Sah=weet!
Mom put goldfish in my cup. Guess I'm supposed to drink those too.
What are you looking at?
Who's tired?

Friday, December 20, 2013

We'll be home for Christmas...

Lots of firsts here! First time flying for both of the littles. And the first time we have flown with more than one child at a time! First time everyone has ever smiled this early in the morning, and the first time any of us have had to wait on a plane so they can de-ice it 3 times but have to wait anyway for the sun to come up so that the temperature would raise to -33 degrees, which is the lowest temperature they are prepared to deal with to get a plane in the air! Didn't know that was ahead of us yet at this point though - look how excited everyone is to go to Portland (except Baby G. She has no clue what's going on)!
We were a little torn about what to wear on the plane. Having to walk out our tiny airport's door and up the plane's stairs exposed us to the frigid temps, which apparently could result in frostbite in 5 minutes! So we needed some winter coverage. But who needs to bring snow wear to Portland where it was going to be a tropical 30+ degrees?! There was a possibility it was going to be 100 degrees warmer than it had been our last week in ND! Crazy.
Having to wait on a tiny plane for an hour and a half (which was how long the flight to Denver was supposed to take) got kind of old. Dude found ways to entertain himself and those around him though! Gotta love his "dinosaur voice."
But eventually we did make it (note the iconic PDX airport carpet)!! The redheads were relieved while they waited for others to relieve themselves.
And why not. If you can fit, you should probably try sitting there, right?
Now on to the eagerly awaiting grandparents on the other side of the gate! Let the festivities begin! We made it!!