Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dashing through the snow

This is how I feel whenever they convince me to play outside - "Ooooh, it's cold."
New world record!
This is M's strategy to go farther - the streamlined bullet method.
The worst part of sledding is always the hike back up! If I recall correctly, it was non-stop snowing and a high of 9 degrees that day. That bites a little.
The next day, dude was awake and ready to join the fun. He even went down the hill by himself for the first time! And then sat in the sled at the bottom waiting for some soft-hearted sucker to come pull him all the way back up :) Thankfully Papa took over Mama's usual role.
M enjoyed writing messages in the snow. Little late for Christmas lists dear (to which she responds, she's already starting her birthday list).
And as always, Dude enjoys the ride back up perhaps as much as he enjoys the one down! He is usually saying, "whoooaaa, whoaaaaa" the whole way up as the sled tips higher and threatens to tip him out (and often does).
Watch out poor Mr. Postman! Here comes Mr. I!
The girls decided it is easier to climb the tree when there aren't leaves to contend with. I would think that having feeling in your hands would help however. And looking at the picture reminds me I should probably go cut the tags off their coats. Tee hee.
"No I not told! I mate-in trats!" Translation = No, I'm not cold. I'm making tracks!
And even after days of all that fun, our backyard is hardly even touched. Wish you could see how our Christmas snow sparkled. It was crazy beautiful. Looked like it had snowed glitter (which I've very much enjoyed looking at ... from inside)!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas pictures overload!

So here was our Christmas in pictures, minus all those wonderful shots I didn't think to take:
The girls with their mini-gingerbread houses. So proud.
All ready to come down the stairs to see those stockings!
 So happy with what Santa brought - Pez, toothbrushes, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and a box of sugar cereal. What more could a kid ask for?
 While we waited for Baby G to wake up, everyone sampled their dream cereals that their stingy, nutrition-loving mom would never buy.
 Not a moment too soon, she woke up. Ready for presents!

 M and J opening present from Grammy and Papa.
 Buddy studying his new dinosaur. Who looks more excited about it?
 And who looks like they know how to get it out of it's packaging better?
 Baby G was totally content with her toothbrush. Why did we buy anything else?

 M and J in their new jackets that are actually warm enough for North Dakota. Now I won't worry about them when they're out at recess and it's 5 freaking degrees! Okay, so I still might, but at least it'll be less founded.

 M and J's presents from Mom and Dad that they picked out at a recent art show. They fell in love with these prints and decided they wanted them more than any other present, even though they wouldn't get a surprise from us. Hard for me to turn down interest in art! At least I wrapped them, but they knew what they were before they'd even sat down to open them.
 Dude got his own drill! He's so adorable with it. Love how much he loves it.
 Baby G examining her xylophone. I like the dainty way she plays with it. It's much quieter than when her older brother takes his turn!
 My men in their new hats from Peru. How handsome!
 And this is quite the outfit. Nana's new scarf, Ninnie's new headband, and Nana's sequined shirt. Wow.

 M LOVES the dress-ups from Nana and Bopa! And surprisingly, she has worn the knight one the most. Turns out the girl likes swords. And she can give one serious warrior face.
 After all the excitement and a bit of clean-up (okay, a lot of clean-up), everybody curled up to watch Brave. Dude hardly moved the whole time, except at one intense point when he put a hand on Papa's elbow. That's a beautiful movie! This was our first Christmas away from home, but thanks to Grammy and Papa's last-minute trip (SO SO SO happy they came!) and Skype, we actually enjoyed a very nice and relaxing holiday. 
And speaking of being happy they came, this is what the girlies taped to the door for them to see as soon as they came in!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Hanukkah

So clearly I'm a little behind here, but before I post the most recent pictures, I needed to add these and a big thank you to Uncle Rick and Aunt Audrey for these awesome presents:
Baby G and the lion she "picked out" at the store for herself (she got so excited when I showed it to her so I decided it was a winner)
J so happy to get the #1 thing on her list: a brown shiny horse! I think she likes it.
And M with her #1 wish - a My Little Pony! Pretty sure she loves it too!
And little man had just been woke up from a nap so he wasn't too sure at first but a better mood and closer inspection have proved that these shoes are AWESOME! He tries to wear them everywhere, all the time now (I do have to insist on boots sometimes instead when he's going to be walking in the snow).
We also got some pretty great presents from Aunt Rosie and Uncle Keith. And Grandma and Grandpa Berne of course. Thank you so much! Miss you all and wish we'd been with you all to celebrate!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Rudolph buns

So for making a last minute decision to throw these together for the all-important day of their school Christmas parties and thus having to glue the pieces to bobby pins while J made lunches and M tried to find matching socks, I think they turned out all right (even if M doesn't really have enough hair to cover the sock!). I didn't get to shower but they were pretty pumped about them and that'll have to do instead :) .  Merry Christmas and enjoy winter break!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My baby

Baby G got her first baby doll from Grandma and Grandpa Berne for Hanukkah. I thought she'd like it, but she is in that constant motion/exploration stage where she never stays with one thing (other than food perhaps) for more than a few seconds, so I wasn't sure how much attention she'd give it. Surprisingly, she REALLY likes it. She also sprints (crawling of course) over to it when she sees it and tosses it around, sucks on it, giggles when it giggles...
and even gives it loves by laying her head down on top of it and snuggling.
Cutest. Thing. Ever.
I was trying to get a better shot of her doing it when she noticed the camera. Baby forgotten.

Hey! What's that mom? Let me get a little closer.
Come back! Where are you going?! I just want to nibble on it a bit!
(I fell over trying to keep it away, which she thought was hilarious)
Not to be forgotten, dude kept saying, "I want camera too mama! Camera of me!" So here's the little man, happily poking holes in the play dough. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

It's the can you find M game