Wednesday, March 12, 2014

1st Dental Date

Dude went to the dentist for the first time Monday! He wasn't completely thrilled by the arrangement as his slightly pained, I'm-too-cool-for-this look clearly said:
But they turned his personal tv to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and he pretty much zoned everything else out (when daddy asked what the dentist did, he stated flatly, nothing), although he does appear to be eyeing her instrument here. 
However concerning it might have appeared, he protested not and the whole thing was over too soon, meaning the show wasn't done yet. He didn't want to leave. Whoever came up with the tv-in-front-of-each-dental-chair idea was brilliant. And thanks to it's distracting effect, he observed to me in a somewhat surprised tone afterwards, "Hey, my teeth are so smooth," as if to say, when did that happen?