Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Summer livin'

I got oddly ambitious when I saw a yummy-looking recipe and so we made our own homemade fudgesicles. I wasn't really sure why since you can buy a box for a couple of bucks but the girls enjoyed making them in our sweaty, air-conditionless kitchen, and we all enjoyed eating them in our slightly-less-sweaty-because-of-the-breeze driveway. They were yummy! And ended up all over faces and strategically-placed aprons. By the way, anyone have any tips on getting homemade popsicles out of their containers without just pulling the stick out?
And here we have our themeless homemade water park. Who needs six flags? We have an $8 pool from Fred Meyers, a slide from a garage sale and our sprinkler!Ta Dah!And on one of those recent not-so-nice summer days in Portland, I took the girlies to Omsi. We pass Omsi everytime we roll into town and they've been begging me to bring them for forever. So here they are finally, in seventh-heaven:Future city-designing architects with distinctly different styles:They'd been quiet for awhile so I went to see what they were actually up to. Just having a princess tea-party complete with make-overs in their homemade salon:
Love the creativity they have all on their own!


Lyndsey said...

I love you and your little prego belly and I am not going to comment on how little you look oh wait I just did : )

hannah said...

Looks like you guys are having fun! I think the same think about making play dough. That is- it is so cheap to buy and yet I end up making it with the boys just because they like to "cook".

Raina said...

I cannot believe that your kiddos make those super cool block towers at OMSI without having another rambunctious kid come and knock it over! I love the Popsicles and of course the water slide. Very impressive!

Swordfish said...

I am a lurker and a complete stranger, but dip your popcicle molds briefly in hot water and they should slide right out.