Sunday, March 11, 2012

All about M

Three last pictures I had to add before I forget that they were ever taken in all the hullabaloo about to descend on our house. A couple of quick things about our 5 year-old M:
Favorite book - Anything Fancy Nancy
Favorite song - I Am A Child of God
Favorite food - Watermelon, strawberries, or anything with a high sugar content
Favorite color - Pink or gold, depending on her mood.

Loves to ... color, play imagination princess-oriented games, eat ice cream, dance, tell jokes, shoot nerf darts for her brother to chase down, ride scooters, get chased by daddy dragon at the park, go to preschool, wear dress-ups, feel the fluffies on her beloved pillow (and heaven help you if you made them warm), throw snow balls, swim underwater, sing songs she makes up as she goes along at the top of her "pretty voice (ridiculously high-pitched falsetto)," tell stories (everyone thinks she's shy and quiet but get her alone and there is no "off" button to the constant verbalization of her stream of consciousness), make her brother laugh, or play just about anything with her sister.

Hates to ... clean her room, get dressed for the day before noon, have stuff stolen by her brother, do anything quickly if there's something to be distracted by, go grocery shopping, and as mentioned above, have warm fluffies on her pillow.
We love her!

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