Sunday, November 11, 2012

Random pics from the tundra

This is one of dude's favorite positions. However, he can't get down. And he panics.
 Girlies out in our snow with the beautiful sunset behind last night!
 Yet another position to climb onto. Found him this afternoon on top of two loads of clean laundry (that yes, I admit, was just piled on the couch instead of being folded), reading a book. With one sock on and one sock off. And quite proud of himself at that.
 At the same time, J was looking like quite the little teenager enjoying her salad.
 M hasn't been enjoying much. She spent the night emptying her guts all over her room and ours. And has spent all her time on the couch since then. Except for when I found her sound asleep on the floor earlier. I believe she had started on the couch though, for better or worse. 
And this pic is just for fun since I hadn't got a good photo of baby G in her costume before. And because she's just too cute.

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Anna Collett said...

Your kids are adorable. Even when they are weird and sick. Miss them!