Thursday, May 22, 2014

Just like big brother

I just found this old blog post that I'd never posted. G wants to be and do everything just like dude. 
Whether or not it makes sense to do it.
They caught an ant. It was fascinating.
If only she would sit still as long as he does!
Oh, you're going to stand by this tree? Me too!
 Use the stool as a table? Great idea! 
 Oooh oooh! I can do thumbs up too!
Hope he appreciates all the love because shadows are hard to lose :)


Bobbi said...

What sweet pictures! I love the red red hair and the super blonde! Such cuties.

Anna Collett said...

Her love for him is just so cute! I like how in each picture you really can see how she is looking and trying to copy him.