Monday, October 29, 2007

New Digs!

Wow, I tell you what, wow! That was way more work than it should have been! What you see before you is the near-finished (it probably will never been really done) product of far too much agonizing over irrelevant details you probably will never notice anyway. But we're proud of it!

So here's a rundown of the changes and new features:

1) Co-author! I have a new partner in crime! Okay, so she's not really new (and not really into breaking the law), but she's decided to throw her hat into the blogging ring (and she's hot!). Alisha was inspired by the family blogs of current and old friends of ours throughout the blogosphere, and decided we needed to do it. Needless to say, I was pumped.

2) Our profiles! Alisha's is new, obviously, and I've changed mine around a lot. Check 'em out if you so desire.

3) Recent finds! We're hoping to update this (randomly) from time to time with books, movies, TV shows or anything else that we're currently enjoying and want to push you into enjoying too. We're hoping to make these interesting and a little off-the-radar. I mean, who needs to hear us convince you to go watch Pirates of the Carribean or read The Chronicles of Narnia? Everybody knows they're the pinnacle of human creativity thus far.

4) Primary Lessons! So we teach the 8-year-olds in Church every Sunday, and we're really having a good time. They're great kids. Surprise--we do a lot of art projects. Anyway, we're going to post the subject of the next week's lesson is going to be in hopes of getting some advice. Contrary to popular belief (and by "popular" I mean "people who have never taught primary-age children"), it's not the easiest thing in the world to come up with a lesson for this age. It is, however, always great fun.

5) Obvious and other! Yes, that was at least one too many exclamation points. The look of the blog has obviously changed dramatically, and hopefully so will the feel. For a long time now I haven't been updating it at all, and before that it was primarily used as a tool of release for me and my love of writing. If you feel like reading my mindless ramblings of yesteryear, the archives of the blog are still at the bottom of the sidebar. Hopefully for you I will resist the temptation to turn this family blog into my own personal soapbox. I should be able to, as I have a bit of an outlet somewhere else ( I get paid for it!). Plus, with Alisha writing now from time to time, you are assured of getting substantial posts from one of the authors all of the time.

Anything else should be self-explanatory. So welcome(!) and have a look around. We'd love to hear from you if you have a minute.

Oh, I almost forgot. There will always be pictures. We are both shameless and observant (we know why you come).


Marzee said...

Good Job! Enjoyed it. Everything looks good! Great idea with the getting advice on the lessons . . . you know what may also be cool, is if you share what you did come up with . . .art projects, whatever. Just a thought.

Coonsfam said...

Yeah!!! I feel great about all of that. I have you guys on the google reader so I will be awaiting the next post... Love ya guys

Cooper said...

Marz--Thanks! And great idea on writing what we did. We'll do it.

Lynds--Oh heck yeah! We've made Google Alerts!!!

Hannah said...

Looks awesome! We're excited to hear more from you, and see more pics!!!