Friday, October 31, 2008

What a relief

I finished. I am done. Wahoo! Somehow I have actually completed, framed, and delivered all 6 paintings (with a measly month's notice, which by the way, is about the craziest deadline since freshmen art classes finals). Big, big sigh of exhaustion. And now I must sleep. Oh but first I can't resist just one little Halloween pic from ward Trunk or Treat. I promise more later!

Yes, Jenelle is wearing a massive blonde wig. You just can't have a redheaded Cinderella, now can you? And Meri is a "raraff." Anybody know what a giraffe says? Anyone?
And now I must sleep.


Raina said...

I wish I could have seen them more at the trunk or treat... they look GREAT! Especially that blond wig!

Mel said...

Yay!! Congratulations on all the paintings being done. We will cross our fingers with you so they get those Red Dots!

shaun said...

It's about time. Now you can get back to blogging about the funny things your little girls do... I will be waiting for such a post.

Anna Berne said...

ok i wanna see more pictures! ha jelly looks so funny. did she just love that outfit?