Monday, November 03, 2008

Meri's first haircut

I'll come back to Halloween later, but first I had to add these cuties of Meri's first haircut! Wahoo! That means she had enough hair to cut (mostly off the back. No worries, the mullet is now under control). Thanks Kristy!
This is what I get when I say, "Say cheese Meri!"

As with the tiger face she sat there, without complaining, for the whole thing. It did help that she had a super cool watersquirter, which she used on me and the door. It also helps that we kept telling her she was pretty (notice the matching pink nails as well).
It is really funny to me how vain little girls are. Ever since the haircut, she has been constantly brushing her pretty hair, and anytime the word "hair " is mentioned she comes running over rubbing her head, to which you are required to comment, "Yes, pretty hair Meri," before she can move on. How did looks get so important so fast??


Anna Berne said...

i'm so glad that you are finally taking care of the mullet. ha just kidding but i'm proud she has so much hair and who wouldn't sit still with an awesome squirt bottle? i also forgot to say congrats on finishing your paintings and we should chat soon.

Raina said...

She's old enough for a hair cut? Wow! I still think she is just a little one.

Valerie said...

You're so lucky she sits still! I have to turn on Sprout and work like mad to cut Lily's hair. Even then she yells at me to stop "hurting" her hair... Count your blessings I guess.

shaun said...

I can't believe how worldly you and Cooper have become... I guess I should have expected this from the kids though with as vain as Cooper has always been. If I ever I knew a guy who was always concerned with his hair, it sure is Coop.