Friday, August 28, 2009

Kite-flying adventures

Okay, I've been a MAJOR slacker - and what's worse is that we've been having a lot of fun with tons of pictures. But between recovering from vacation, laziness, canning peaches and my poor husband hogging the computer to do some final projects for his summer term, I just haven't got around to posting. My house is in even worse shape. But that aside, here's some fun pictures from our beach trip:
Trying to figure out how the kite works (her pants got all wet, so she ran around in cutie patootie panties):

More or less, she started to get the hang of it, Meri-style:

Hey mom, you watching this?

A casual stroll on the beach ... with my pet kite:

When the kite wasn't cooperating, this is how she dealt with her frustration:

Laughing at her silliness and pretending to be shy for the camera:

Things didn't start well:

For a few happy moments, it was going much better:

Check out this tantrum when the kite failed her:

And this sad face:

And this tantrum which only succeeded in getting her all dirty:

(This was at the end of a week-long beach trip, where apparently we'd had too much fun to handle it any longer - it was tremendously funny from a distance, where I could pretend she wasn't my child. Just kidding, I'd never do that.)


shaun said...

I would pay money to watch Jenelle have a fit over a kite.

Raina said...

Oh this is so funny! I love the tantrum from janelle, and the head stand from Meri! They are adorable, and the kite flying might work better next time. :D

Adam said...

ok i just looove these pictures so much. have you burned my pictures yet? and i love how meri totally is wearing her headband like you make fun of me for doing. she is such a little hippie at heart! and this is anna not adam. weird.