Saturday, August 15, 2009

We're in trouble

Last night Coop told Jell she was not to climb over the back of the recliner anymore (which Meri had apparently "just learned" her how to do). She sadly okayed. Then she perked up and said, "well, someday when you go on a date, and we have a babysitter, then I will go in the room and shut the door and THEN I can climb over the chair." What?! She's making extensive plans as to how to be disobedient behind our backs?? This is so not good.


Raina said...

YIKES!!! This just goes to show that you are going to have your hands SO full the older they get. :D Very smart though.

Mandy said...

Not good, but so very extremely hilarious.

Hannah said...

Oh goodness--at least she's honest about it! How funny!