Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sounds like my house

(Click on it if you can't see the whole thing)
This is my life right now - except the boxes are all coming out of the attic and stacking up in the garage and living room.
My favorite quotes from Jell about moving:
A dad of one of Jell's friends in the ward asked if she would still come back sometime and play on their trampoline. Jell responded slowly as if considering it and said, "Welllll, we will be coming back a lot ... BUT we do have a lot of people to see." I don't think that made him feel like much of a priority :)

"Mom, today at preschool we had a PARTY! For me! Because we're moving and I won't be at preschool anymore and my friends are going to miss ME SOOOOOO much! They are SO sad!"

"Mom, I told my friends about the big yellow truck we're getting that will be big enough to hold ALL OUR CLOTHES and they could NOT believe it!" When I told her it would actually be big enough for all our beds and other furniture, she could not believe it - "NO WAY!"

"MOM!!! (Jell comes running in holding a box of band-aids) What if we get an owie when we're in The Dalles?!?"
Me: "I suppose we'll put a band-aid on it"
Jell: "You CANNOT forget to pack this mom! What if we get an owie? DO NOT forget to pack the band-aids!"

And then there was the discussion about our strawberry plants in our backyard that I have so lovingly cared for and molded into a lovely patch. I pointed out how many strawberries we were going to have very soon and then said, "Well, actually they won't be our strawberries anymore by the time they're ripe. Sad."
Jell: "Mom, they will always be OUR strawberries."
Me: "Not really. We won't be living here anymore."
Jell: "Yes but we planted them and we growed them. They are OUR strawberries."
Me: "Except for another family will live there and water them and keep them growing so really they will be their strawberries then."
Jell: "No mom. They're OUR strawberries. We growed them and it's only for four months."
Me: "Oh honey, we probably won't be coming back to our same house because somebody else will be living there then."
Jell: "They will still be OUR strawberries."
The sad part of this conversation is I realized she doesn't really get the whole moving thing. The funny part of her being so insistent is she doesn't even like strawberries and never would have eaten a single one of them. I, on the other hand, have been looking forward to them pretty much since the season was over and they stopped producing last summer. Not even to mention the raspberries that are looking oh so promising already. Sigh. Fortunately I can take some solace in the fact that one of the blueberry bushes that I so excitedly planted just last fall is looking quite dead.


Jen said...

Now I know I've been gone a long time, I didn't know you were moving! What??? I have to get back and catch up. When do you take off?

Hannah said...

Can you come plant some strawberries for me? I want a strawberry patch! Maybe you can sneak back to your old house and pick some :)