Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things NOT to do when you move:

1. Have lots of stuff. Where did it all come from and why can't I just throw it all out?
2. Rent a truck that is too small to bring all your stuff. (We did this when we moved from Utah too - why didn't we learn? Just cheapos I guess. Coop had to make two trips this time! Good thing it's only 90 minutes away!!!)
3. Be pregnant. I feel a little useless really and so overdid it so many days in a row that I spent most of moving day and the day after sitting down with my feet up. Pathetic.
4. Forget how much time the little stuff and last-minute cleaning really takes.
5. Have your fridge stop working. It worked for like the first 2-3 days here, then we realized the freezer wasn't cold enough so we turned that up and poof! the whole thing stopped working. Lovely. After throwing out most of what we'd just stocked up on, and trying the whole ice-bag-in-the-fridge-(making it just a giant cooler)-until-the-ice-bag-melts-all-over-the-floor-(making you worry about what's leaking until your brain starts actually working) thing. Then when you've given up on living any kind of civilized life ... poof! it all starts working again magically. Can it be trusted????
6. Have your daughter Meri get sick. Not one of those silly little 24-hour bugs. How about a week-long raging fever tipping 105, making her so miserable that she never sleeps for more than an hour before waking up crying about her tummy or some other part of her little aching body. All she wanted was to be held and rocked - which was a tad difficult to do in a sea of boxes.
7. Neglect your daughter Jell, who becomes bored out of her mind because her sister's not feeling well enough to play (so you never leave the house) and all you ever do is rock or unpack or fall asleep sitting up. Poor thing.
8. Unpack boxes with the blue tape designation, meaning they were intended for permanent storage. Not to be opened. This means you either leave out stuff you don't really need for these 4 months or repack a box that you just flattened. Sigh.
9. Try to find anything. It's better to just do without. Who needs to cut fingernails anyway?
10. Have the nagging reminder that in 4 months, you have to do it all over again ... 9 months pregnant.

Despite this, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help! We couldn't have survived without you all! And we're doing much better already - evidenced by the fact that I have the time to actually write this email :)


Hannah said...

Yes--moving is awful! And, even worse when you have to do it in stages and need to decide what things you need for a few months verses what can go into storage. I'm glad you can be done at least for a little while!

hannah said...

From the other Hannah-

whew! I'm glad you made it, but sorry everything is so crazy.

I have a list of things to do when you move. There's only one item:
1) Don't move.

Enjoy your summer in the gorge!

bontovi said...

ms. alisha! we're only an 1 1/2 away. we can come help with the move in 4 months! hope you get some rest between now and then!

Raina said...

I cannot believe you had to deal with all the OTHER stuff too!! There should be no sick kids while you move!!!
I need pictures!!! Send them when you are feeling more at home. :D