Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Break at Discovery Bay

(Warning: picture overload making for ridiculous long post. Sorry, I couldn't help myself) Ok, so it's been a week since we got back but I am finally getting around to adding pics from our awesome week of vacation. Thanks so much to Grandma and Grandpa for letting us come enjoy their time share with them up in Discovery Bay, WA. We were SO lucky with the most incredible beautiful weather the whole time that allowed us to go explore all there is to see in Sequim amd Port Townsend WA and to enjoy the beautiful view from our room:
One of the things that we did was go to the Olympic Game Farm. What an incredible experience! Here we looked over the whole park from a really cool observation tower.
Then we got out and "fed" the llamas. By that I mean the girls held out the bread but once the llamas got close they chucked it at them giggling nervously and running away despite the fence. My brave little soldiers.
Buddy enjoyed the ride tied to mom. He LOVES being outside.
Then we got back in the car to drive through the rest of the farm. We had bought some of their bread and the animals were ready for us. Every time you turned around there was some animal sticking his head in your window. Fun but kinda freaky. Lots more nervous giggling.
Even Buddy enjoyed looking out the window ... for awhile. And there were lots of animals outside of the car to enjoy:
Some didn't look as friendly as others. Nor did they seem to want to let us pass. Not without the bread tax at least.
Others just minded their own business, but none of these guys were more than 10 feet away. It was crazy. And rather funny to see animals that are usually from all different continents and climates intermingling. Later on we got to the wolves in cages and there were all these bunny rabbits hanging out right outside the cages. Odd place to hang out if you ask me.
We had been strongly urged to roll up the windows when we got to the zebras and NOT feed them. Apparently they are mean and fond of biting. This one snuck up on my mom and she barely got it closed in time!
And this guy was just chillin' on the other side of the fence less than 5 feet away. Those dudes are BIG. And they always look like they're smiling. Kind of endearing.
Before too long Buddy had had enough. This was one of his good moments. The rest were much noisier.
And more large animals right outside the window. These guys make me think of the funny moose commentary on the movie Brother Bear about the white bottoms in their Canadian talk where they're questioning the wisdom in that and conclude "that's just poor planning."
This little fella welcomed us at the gate and trotted circles around our car for a good 15 minutes until we came across some big fellas twice his size. Then he left. Quickly. In the buffalo part of the park we were urged to not stop moving or some of the buffalos might try to move us. More nervous giggling. When we came across the big fella larger than my grandparents' SUV the girlies weren't the one ones giggling.
I know these are just geese you'd see anywheres but they have the funniest looks on their faces to me. Especially that one on the right. She's looking at us so intelligently, like she's wondering why we look so funny.
The trip got a little less noisy when I FINALLY succeeded in doing this:
Poor little dude. It's tough to be out of routine and away from your crib. Back in the apartment the girls had some practice runs for Easter. They insisted on dressing in their pearl strands and frilly gloves before looking for the eggs. I'm not totally sure where they come from honestly.
M might want to consider getting taller before the real thing.
And all too soon, it was back home again. Although we got to take a ferry on a gorgemous day so that made it a little less of a downer. Plus we were going home to daddy. YEAH!
Told you it was gorgemous!
It was a perfect way to wrap up a great week! As was dropping by daddy's work on the way home for some good old-fashioned hugs. Buddy sure made him happy by being so excited to see him that he screamed when daddy walked away. So cute!

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