Saturday, June 25, 2011

We love the Festival of the Arts!

 I look forward to the LO Festival of the Arts each year. It's such a cool event. And the Friday kids day is always hours of fun. Plus, this year, on Saturday they had a clay tent for the kids. For free! They spent quite awhile hand-building. It got a little messy. Then they got to use the wheel. How amazingly cute is this?!

 J really loved it. She had quite a bit of help from a patient volunteer, but she was way into it. M was slightly less enthusiastic, and her vase very nearly met a nasty end, but she was also proud of her creation. Now if only we had a kiln ... anyone have one lying around?

 And I won an Honorable Mention ribbon for my Columbia Gorge painting, which was exciting. Little dude very proudly wore my artist ribbon around, to the great amusement of many.

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Anna Collett said...

I can't believe the worked on a wheel! I could never get my pots started so I'm very impressed by whatever they produced. It sounds super awesome this year! And congrats on the ribbon!