Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun at the Zoo

So this was like two weeks ago, but I'm still going to go ahead and post pics of our fun trip to our little, local zoo. It was an incredibly gorgeous, perfect day to go and we all had fun enjoying the rare sighting of the sun, the view and the animals.
There were actually live animals too, it's just that the girls were a little more interested in the sculptures. And who can blame them ... they were awesome. Dude thought they were cool too when we let him down.
And the kids weren't the only ones who played with the sculptures.
We did come away having learned a few things about real animals too. First, emus are ugly, awkward looking creatures that seem to have got the bum deal of evolution. Second, tigers have a spray zone of up to 20 feet. View closely at your own peril. For multiple reasons really. Third, cranes find Cooper to be threatening. They kept trying to intimidate him with impressively stretched necks and flapping of wings. On the other hand, the parrots didn't think too much of him. When he tried to engage one in discussion, it stared at him for awhile before saying "bye bye." He took the hint. Fourth, little dude doesn't like deer licking his hand unannounced. Other than that, he thinks animals are fascinating. Most of the animals, especially a little wallaby thought the same thing about him. It's like they found it funny that a human would be that small. Fifth, the Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah currently does not have any cougars. They ran out. Bummer.


Anna Collett said...

I was going to ask if the Zoo had animals....ha But seems like a fun little outing. The picture of Buddy standing up is adorable.

Anna Collett said...

Ok I just clicked on the one of M and it is adorable!!! She is just soooo pleased to be on a giraffe! I love her obsession with giraffe's. Still a little confused where it came from but she looks like she is in heaven.