Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First Snow!

 M was SOOO excited that it snowed today! She sat at the window for the longest time, giving me updates on how much it was snowing about every 10 seconds. She kept calling it a "big snowstorm," and asking if there was enough to make a snowman yet? Eventually, (after I looked at the weather report and realized it was going to turn to rain soon) we dressed up and headed out. Fortunately, she's very easy to please because later when I told J, who was at school stuck inside sadly, that we'd made a "little" snowman, M objected, and said it was a "BIG BIG snowgirl!" Glad she was so happy. May need to have her eyesight checked.
 Dude slept through our outdoor playtime, but thought it was pretty cool to wear my hat when he woke up.
 He cutely kept pointing out the window and jabbering something or other. After Coop came home and took M to school though, he got serious. He brought me his shoes and then proceeded to blow me kisses as I put them on him. He was headed out.
 Because he's great, when Coop got back for like the 5 minutes left of his lunch he took him outside to walk around the yard. Dude is usually pretty excited to do that actually. He walks around the square of grass a couple of times whenever we step out to get the mail or get in the car. That's all. Just circles it happily. Think he's proud of the fact that he can walk? Here he's blowing me kisses again. I think he was hoping to go to work with daddy. Sounds like fun, eh dad?
 And this one was just too cute to not include. Love my boys!


Raina said...

Look at how much fun you are having! Little mans face is priceless! I am not sure if I am jealous or not... It's a little early still. Enjoy!

Anna Collett said...

Seriously the CUTEST children!!!! I love how excited M was!!! And that is an impressive little snowstorm. Poor little J. And buddy is adorable with his little walking!! Miss you guys...

hannah said...

What great pictures! And your snow-woman is HUGE. Way bigger than any snow people we've built in Denver. And so stylish. Love the hair.