Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Today's bestests

Top 3 things I heard said today:

3. J: "Oh yeah. Here's all the junk in the trunk." (apparently she'd heard the phrase on Gnomeo and Juliet and was just incorporating it into common usage, but fortunately she still thinks it means actual junk in an actual trunk.)
2. (Sung by M) I love yooooooou with your heart that beeeeaattts in your stomach! (A few more lines into her song, J came to me and asked, Mom, do you have any idea what she's singing about?)
1. "Hey, M-M! No stripping in a parking lot!" Solid advice.


Anna Collett said...

J is getting way to old!! Even if she doesn't understand what she says she is growing up so fast! I love that M is still in her own world. I hope that never changes.

hannah said...

Yes! No stripping in the parking lot is sound advice. I love that you record these moments.

Lisa said...