Sunday, February 19, 2012

Are we having fun yet?

We were doing a new birthday puzzle this morning as a family--a puzzle that turned out to be a lot harder than expected (one of those lenticular ones that change picture as you move back and forth. Yeah, we don't recommend them). The girls had a couple of gems about the experience:

J: This puzzle says it's for ages 6 and up, but it's so hard for me! It's even hard for 30- and 31-year-olds... and those are BIG numbers (we laughed and pointed out that most people don't like being told they're old. It's one thing to tell mom and dad that, but please try not to tell other people that)!

M: Yeah. This puzzle is stupid-hard.


bontovi said...

Happy Birthday Meri. Tai still remembers you;). Love love.

Anna Collett said...

Is M allowed to say stupid hard? ha And I just like their reaction to a difficult puzzle. J's was a thought out process of why it was hard and M's was just an emotional reaction.

Alisha B. Whitman said...

We don't call people stupid. But sometimes things are stupid. Like puzzles.