Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Way to grow Spike! Spike (J's "pet") has been outgrowing Bobo (M's "pet") all along, and while M was sad about it for a few days, she decided it was all in the name. Neither her nor Bobo were to blame. Spike was just more motivated, thanks to being more appropriately named :)
 Man they've been looking forward to this day! Ha! It's pretty much as good as having a real pet, with very little clean-up involved.
 See what I mean about not growing as well. This is what Bobo's mane looked like BEFORE she started cutting. Kind of more like a clown-do than, you know, a serious little soil monkey head growing grass on our kitchen counter.
A buzz cut evened things out a bit. And made everybody happy. And left grass clippings all over the table. Still better than doggie doo-doo I say.

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Anna Collett said...

What cute, adorable pets!!!!! Poor Bobo...It is just hard to grow sometimes. Maybe after a nice trim he wont have such a problem.