Saturday, June 02, 2012

Always Love the Zoo!

Dear daddy,
         We miss you sooooooo much! Here's some pictures of our recent adventures with Nana and Bopa, so that you can see what we're up to. Lots of loves.
Almost as tall as the Sun Bear!
 Riding the animals ... or at least the cool sculptures. Close enough. And at this petting zoo, you don't have to sanitize afterwards :)
 I swear there were birds in this picture when I took it. Dude is also wondering where they went.
 He was really really into the animals this time around. Previously he'd been a little young, but this time he loved it!
 Cutie patooties!
 Though because of his recent climbing obsession, he had to be watched closely at the edge of the enclosures. Or held. Preferrably held.
 M's longtime favorite animal.
 Sweaty girls. It was wicked humid, and that black concrete just does nothing good on a hot day. Nor do the thousands of schools that conveniently picked our zoo day to go on a field trip. Bit hectic. Totally crazy. But still glad we went!
 And it wore everybody out, making the stroller a bit squished.
The closest thing we get to seeing Uncle Adam in person, since he's currently off exploring the jungles of Laos, wherever that is. 


Anna Collett said...

What is with this random posting you do? What a fun looking trip to the zoo! And you have no sympathies for the humidity....ha I love the one of the girls holding hands!!

Hannah said...

Fun seeing you today. We have a zoo membership (and we can get two people in for free every time). So if you want to go again before you leave, just let me know. :)

Jen said...

We need to get together before you take off! I am sorry I missed your call a while back....somehow I didn't get the message until much later! Let's get the girls together and us too! At a park. If it ever stops raining!