Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Big-Girl Bike Ride!

Taking advantage of a gorgeous sunny Saturday, we went to give the Banks-Vernonia bike trail a try. It was a hit!
These tired, red-cheeked girlies rode 5 miles! True, it was mostly downhill but regardless, that's a long way for such short little legs. Apparently there was a bit of a tortoise and the hare situation with M starting off at an exuberant sprint, and the more conservative J intentionally conserving her energy because she was worried (so out of character for her, right?) about how long the "longest bike ride ever" was going to be. Her strategy worked! When they met up with my mom, dude, baby G, and me (we drove to the start in Banks, which was really our finish, and walked with strollers till we met them and then walked back again), J was in the lead and M was bringing up the rear. 
Baby G was just happy to be along for the ride!

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Anna Collett said...

Wouldn't you be happy if someone was pushing you in a comfy little bed? Poor M and her intensity, it just cant last forever.