Friday, January 04, 2013

My morning

Here are the texts I sent Coop this morning:
8:51 AM   Miss you. Dude cried quite a bit when you left today
8:54 AM   Then he wasn't too happy about the girls leaving.Wouldn't get in the car to take them. Just kept trying to get them to go downstairs and play with him on the playset.
8:54 AM   So to "help" J told him we were going to school where there's a big playset!
8:55 AM   Didn't go well (when I told him we weren't going to play on it because it's covered in snow and way too cold). But now he's happily singing O-O-O O'Reilly in the bath.
8:56 AM   And saying Fhat-do-fee again and again and again like it means something. Any idea?
8:59 AM   And he absolutely DOES scream like a girl.
9:00 AM   Now he's playing chubby bunny with foam bath letters.
9:15 AM   End of fun. Baby G bent down, grunted, stood up and there were 2 little poops floating on the number 3. Then I yelled at dude when he drank the water while I was fishing them out. He cried bc I hurt his feelings. Baby G screamed when I took her out and made her wait in her room so I could get dude out, who screamed bloody murder when I turned the shower on to more effectively rinse him down with clean water...and all this when I was trying to be nice and let them have a fun bath.

Time for naps!

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Anna Collett said...

Such an eventful morning!