Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Mr. Cute

His little voice just cracks me up these days. Love pretty much everything he says. No, that's not true. But I certainly do love him singing! Here's a fun little clip (love how Baby G thinks he's funny too):

On top of being my in-house musical entertainment, some days he's my miniature personal trainer. I was doing a Yoga workout today at home. Whenever I bent over to stretch, he'd jump on my back. Deeper stretch anyone? When I would lift my leg and hold it, he push them down with all his weight. And laugh his head off. He crawled in and out of my legs anytime I did downward-facing dog. When I stood up to breathe before the next pose (as instructed), he'd shout, "Down! Down!" And best of all, when I finished the workout, he ran and grabbed another exercise DVD and tried to shove it in the computer, saying, "Do dis exercise mama!" I told him I was done and he then chased me around saying "I wanna do more! I wanna exercise more!" Easy for him to say! He hardly lifted an arm.

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Anna Collett said...

I like how he got bashful with the camera but couldn't stop his song. Must finish singing!