Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 14th - Biggest snowstorm of the year

According to that darn, lying, son of a groundhog, it's suppose to be spring. Either he was confused, or I am. 
M needed J's help just to make it back up the hill. Dude could hardly get off the porch without help. And this is only what it looked like by 9 AM this morning. It's projected to keep snowing until 11 PM tomorrow! Not sure what that's going to look like!!
 Sadly there was too much dry snow to even sled. Nice effort though by Coop, the family mule.
Baby G and I watched from the warmth of our home. She laughed and laughed watching her brother stomp around and tried to sneak out every time I opened the door to take a picture. 

 Don't think they've ever seen snow this deep that wasn't on a mountain! This is just our backyard. Crazy. And again, can I mention that it's APRIL 14TH?! J actually prayed last night that the snowstorm wouldn't come and that the trees would all be in blossom in the morning. We might have to make some paper blossoms to make ourselves feel better. And hot chocolate. Lots of hot chocolate.

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Anna Collett said...

It is soooooo deep!!! And so sad that poor Isaac has to wear his sisters pink kitty hat. ha How much do you have now?