Monday, April 08, 2013

Our Toothless Reds

J was beyond ecstatic to finally fulfill a lifelong dream and lose a tooth while at school. How better to be the talk of the classroom? She actually got sent to the office to have the nurse pull her tooth because she was distracting too many people while showing off how much she could wiggle it around :) Although this is her third lost tooth, its the first one that hasn't already had the replacement tooth in behind it, so its the first time she's been able to enjoy a toothless grin! Man does she love it. And speaking of toothless grins ... here's Baby Red who still only has 4 tiny teeth on bottom! Cutie.


Hannah Holt said...

I'm so glad her lifelong dream came true. Logan is waiting on a few wigglers too. :)

Anna Collett said...

Such a big mouth!! ha And J looks way too old.