Saturday, February 15, 2014

Meeting Miss L

And home at last! L is going to have to get used to lots of love because every time I turn around somebody is asking to hold her, or as G says, "I hold it!"
J and M love to sing to her and are pretty confident they can calm her down whenever she needs it and basically solve any problem. Handy in a tight spot, these girls.
Dude is fascinated by her but only ever wants to hold her for about 3 seconds. Then you better make sure you have a good grip because he just drops his arms and moves on. Classic. He's most interested in her belly button. About 100 times a day he asks, "can I see that brown thing again?" When he sees it, he always asks what it is, and then announces, "it hurts her so much." We assure him it doesn't and that it's going to fall off soon, to which he responds, "then THAT will hurt her so much." Doesn't matter how many times we refute this. He just keeps saying it. He does love her too even though a few days after getting home he referred to her as "that baby" and said he wanted her and me to go back to the hospital. I asked if he wouldn't miss me, and he shrugged his shoulders and said, "we could Skype."
And could G look any prouder of herself. She has the opposite problem from dude. She never wants to let go, and when you try to get Baby L back, she squeezes and tries to twist away. Not exactly ideal but at least she's doing it out of love at this point!
Nana and Bopa had been holding down the front at home and while they had got to briefly meet Baby L at the hospital, I think they were even more excited to see us back home to "try" to start getting things back to normal. Whatever normal is going to look like from here on out!

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Anna Collett said...

I love how proud the Bigs get when there is a baby. They are seasoned Bigs. And I just love Baby G... I guess she isn't really Baby anymore... Little G?