Saturday, February 01, 2014

Painting time!

 So I had these big letters that I wanted the girls to paint so we could decorate them for their new gallery wall, but of course the littles couldn't be left out of the fun! And by the way, don't tell dude I called him "a little." He no longer allows that. Highly offensive. He is "a bigger now." 
 They didn't care that they didn't have their own letters. The fun is in the painting of course. And I just thought they were too cute doing it. I might love watching them be creative. Even if it is messy and creates extra work. Totally worth it!
And speaking of creativity, I had a hilarious parent-teacher conference with M's teacher this week. Apparently she's doing very well, and the only time she gets math problems wrong is when she spends the entire time drawing an elaborate picture of the story problem and forgets she was supposed to solve an equation. She turns it in with a beautiful picture and no answer. Hilarious. And totally classic M to get so distracted. Luckily her teacher is awesome and thinks it's as funny as I did and always hands it back to her with a kind reminder that she forgot to write down the answer. She also has been getting distracted in their new skill of analyzing surveys and graphs. Instead of just answering simple questions like which kind of fruit do the most kids like best, she writes stories questioning the psychology behind the survey's answers or the likelihood of that many kids preferring apples over oranges. I know I should encourage her to stay on topic but instead I feel like applauding her for digging deeper and thinking outside the box!

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Anna Collett said...

Okay Baby G's painting is so amazing! And M at school is hilarious. I can totally see her in school drawing instead of doing word problems. I'm right thee with her though... hated those.