Monday, June 02, 2014

Catching up with G

Even her pigtails don't cooperate:
 At least she looks super-cute in hats:
This is close enough to "going to bed," right:
Learning how to "ROAR" from the best: 
 She never lets the fact that she can't reach the pedals slow her down:
 Contemplating the least-safe way to get down:
 "You're a lot smaller than my previous stroller-buddy":
 All ready to go:
 A very rare moment of restful reflection in the best seat in the house:
 Since the bigs are practicing gymnastics, "I do it too":
 She loves her daddy:

1 comment:

Anna Collett said...

Possibly the best pictures. She is hilarious. I love the gymnastic move! And the head scarf. Really all of her.