Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rough Rider Days and Rodeo

Nana and Bopa are coming!!! Wahoo!!!! 
They were supposed to get here a day early as a surprise to the kids, but you never can trust weather around the Denver airport! Their stinking plane got delayed so long, they only got here a couple hours earlier than planned. Oh well, we're happy to have them either way! They got here right in time for our 4th of July parade, which was on June 28th. We just roll with it. Girls looked cute on the chamber's truck and dude semi-enjoyed watching and gathering candy (and his special flower). That is except for whenever any semi or other large vehicle honked their horn, which was about every 5 minutes. 
And then it was "free kids night" at the rodeo! Pretty happy about that!
Sure, the heavens opened and dropped a flood on our heads but as long as you stayed facing one direction, only one side of you got wet! Regardless, not even that much rain and mud can bring Baby L down:
Also, turns out the front row is not the best place at a muddy rodeo as our mud-splattered frontsides can strongly attest. 
Not that we could complain. The cowboys that fell off their bucking broncos became mud. Or at least you couldn't tell them apart. One poor guy's horse slipped and fell backwards on top of him. It was insane. People do this on purpose! Not totally sure what that says about them. 

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Anna Collett said...

Look how cute Baby L is!!!! I miss her like crazy...and yes I'm going through all these I missed to comment....