Thursday, June 09, 2016

We're all mad here

The addiction is real: 

G (said with a perfectly pathetic sad face): mom, I miss Katie so much!
Me: Katie? Who is Katie?
G: She is my age and she is my best friend. She had to go home. I miss her so much.

Dude vacuums like this. It helps block out the noise. Hey, whatever works if he's going to vacuum!

I'm currently having an argument with L. She is insisting that the cow says baa and the sheep says moo. She's not backing down.

She's insane:
 And messy:
 But very sweetly won't let her sister suffer alone in time-out:

L is into that kissing stage that alternates between cute/tender and awkward/creepy:

G: "Two purples! Light purple and diet purple. I like diet purple best." Can we assume that's the name of the color she's wearing? Personally I would've called it lavender.

I took this picture of G:
She asked to see it and then nodded in a very self-satisfied manner and smirked, "yeah, I AM a real artist." As we worked on this Kandinsky circles project she also randomly said, "I like this hynotizer." Where did she get that from?

Cause butterfly nets are a normal thing to wear on one's head whilst eating:

And what have the bigs been up to? I feel like lately it's pretty much been the G & L show. So here goes. Softball. They've been up to softball. It's taken over our lives. It's grrreeeeeeeeaaaaaat. Although unfortunately, the task of watching a game while getting one to two other kids to a practice or another game, sometimes not in the same city, while entertaining and feeding the athletes and the stars of the G & L show make it so we haven't really taken any pictures. Other things on our mind. But here's one!
M got on base twice this game by getting nailed by pitches from two separate pitchers! Also, that pitcher was a giant compared to tiny M. Kinda scary.

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