Sunday, May 22, 2016

Say Cheese!

The squint smile in action:
The squint body in relaxation zoning out in front of the tv:
But all stretched out when she sleeps like a baby. Just wish she slept AS MUCH as a baby:
Pink skirt twinners having a face-to-face in the hallway:
G: My favorite dinosaur is a lion.
Dude (taking great offense): A lion is NOT a dinosaur!!!
Not sure why she thought she could get away with that one! 

G enjoys dressing herself, and then I have to decide if I'm willing to take her shopping like this:
And this: 
L thinks it's funny at least. But then again, she wears "Melmo" shoes everywhere she goes and thinks a diaper counts as clothes.

And then G goes and "cries herself to sleep on her huge pillah," which she has stuffed with every spare blanket she could find so that her "pillow can be fuffy!"

Mad scientist M, and now G bc of M, like to lay their foreheads against the washing machine when it's doing its last crazy cycle that sounds a bit like an airplane taking off. And then they say a long, drawn-out uuhhhhhhh to make it more fun.

Took the girls to see Alice in Wonderland. They really enjoyed the tea party at intermission:

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