Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer fun

"We're the king of the world!"

All that playing makes us thirsty! 

Laziest horsie I've ever seen but they're still entertained!

Do you remember that old Burger King commercial where the guy didn't want to get a whopper because he had these "tiny hands?" That's totally what she makes me think of! 

Last game! Wahoo!!! Softball season is over!!!! I mean, uh, I'll really miss it... But here's her last at bat and she hit that high ball and just barely made it to base!

L always likes to be one with public sculpture:
Meri: MOM! Grace is drawing bums in a notepad.
Meri: MOM! She did it again but says it's a toy.
Me: "well, maybe some toys look like bums?"
Apparently the funniest thing anybody has EVER said.

L thinks the carrot is basically the stick in a Ranch dressing sucker that you get to refill again and again or at least until one of your older siblings realizes you're double dipping!
I heard Dude leave the playroom in a hurry and instantly G started yelling, "come back! I need you!" He either didn't hear her or didn't care but somebody did for then I heard the tiny, little high-pitched voice of L saying, "wha? You need me?" G wasn't as tickled as I was and thus began a shouting match of "no! I don't need you" and L: "uh huh, you DO need me!" Hahaha.

G: I want a thousand pony tails today mom!
G (after looking in the mirror): well, actually that's only five but I guess that's okay.

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