Sunday, July 31, 2016

4th of July fun!

Mountain biking to start off the celebrations's so American? Or maybe just because we're in Bend!
Crashing the pet parade with our pink, red, and blue homemade Pinterest-fail t-shirts! Oh well, they did stand out in a crowd and helped us keep track of each other!
3-legged race with pretty awesome form, right?
Just cute. And always with that I'm-up-to-something look!
The kids mostly had fun doing weenie Oregon fireworks our front, other than when M gashed her head and came in bleeding profusely. But for better or worse, kids weren't shooting Roman candles at each other like last year in North Dakota! All right, not going to lie, I don't miss that part but otherwise the fireworks left me missing ND!
Born in the USA!

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