Friday, September 09, 2016

Big man is 6!

Last night being 5!
Birthday breakfast with Nana, Bopa, and grandma and grandpa Berne at their favorite breakfast place where everybody knows their name. And of course, they're always glad they came.
New Beaver robed Jedi knight

Kind of a Star Wars themed b-day for this guy

And dinosaurs. They broke the theme but they WALK! And we (mostly I) put them together ourselves (my thumbs hurt)!

We can't say enough about this kid. He is SUCH a good guy and is at SUCH a great age. He's super inquisitive, fascinated by all things dinosaur, reads animal encyclopedias for fun (got two for his birthday to his great joy), is more literal than Amelia Bedelia, and begs to do more school almost daily. He still likes to cuddle when sleepy, has a smile that melts my heart, and is almost always a joy to be around (once he cuts that whining habit, I'll remove the almost). He loves to make Powerpoint presentations on the most unusual animals he can find such as axolotyls, the giant siphonophore, the immortal jellyfish, and beluga sturgeons. His favorite color is orange, favorite show is Wild Kratts, favorite movie is Star Wars, and favorite food is cake. So incredibly glad he's in our family! 

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