Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

It seems that Thanksgiving is so often overlooked. I mean honestly, the day after Halloween the stores are decked out in Christmas colors and demanding you fill the stockings. But I love Thanksgiving! There's no wrapping presents and no spending monehy but there's lots of family and even more food! We had a great time. We went to John's Incredible Pizza the night before so Nana didn't have to cook:
And laser tag the day after. The oldest three have found a new favorite thing to do! Seriously, the all asked if they could go to laser tag for every birthday for the rest of their lives. So guess I'm off the hook for parties! We even went to the old place that Coop and I last went to for my 16th birthday! Ha. Can't believe it's still there. Total blast from the past, and yes, one random kid that got stuck on our team whispered to his friend, "great, we're on a team with a bunch of old people," but these old people got 1st and 2nd place twice!
And we went all out on the turkeys! G made a fruit turkey:
 Dude made a veggie turkey:
 And the girls made chocolate turkey place settings:
The only problem was, turns out they were all too cute for people to eat. They hardly touched them, or the turkey cheeseball! Ha. But it was fun and there was plenty more to eat, believe you me.

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