Thursday, November 10, 2016

Introducing... Terrier Porter!

I know it seems like we maybe lost our minds (again), but really, this was a very reasonable thing for us to do. See, the kids have been BEGGING us for years to get a dog. We've been putting it off for years. Good, legit excuses like, not until we have our own house, or not until we build a fence, or not until everybody is out of diapers. While they waited for all our excuses to run out, we discussed the fact that if we were to ever give in, we'd need to do it on a dog that worked for us. We decided it couldn't be a puppy, meaning it needed to already be house trained. That it should be medium-sized and good with kids. Well, to turn this (already) long story, that dog materialized and was being offered to us by a family we know that needed to find a home for their dog for totally reasonable reasons. The kids were over the moon and covered the walls of our house with signs like these:
And so Porter joined our crew! And suddenly found himself the center of SO MUCH ATTENTION. And yes, L is petting J and Dude is petting L. Sometimes they get confused.
 He joins them for school
 and keeps on eye on things
 until he gets sleepy.
M was alarmed to discover on the first day that he runs faster than she does. 
Ha. She's kind of proud of her speed, and rightly so. But he's faster. The kids are absolutely in love, and from the way he acts whenever we come home, I'm quite certain the feeling is mutual. My favorite thing? When he's outside and wants to come in he stands up on his two back feet and jumps straight up and down. I could watch that endlessly. Oh, and watching L try to play tug-of-war with him is absolutely hilarious.
So now we have a dog. An extremely well-trained dog but a dog nonetheless. Heaven help us.

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