Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday!

After some failed attempts at adding pics of you from way back when, I give up, and settle with these that show part of our journey - from Mr. Happily- Engaged to the wonderful daddy of two adoring little girls. We love you so much hon! This last semester has been tough with you so busy with school and work and we're so proud of you but it sure taught us what we already knew - we can't live without you! You are so sorely missed when you are gone, and you make everything better when you are here. I'm so grateful to have you. You keep me sane. You keep me happy. You keep me smiling. You make me want to stay up late just to get to spend time with you, even when I've been exhaustified all day. You make me feel like I can do anything. I'm eternally grateful that you had the foresight to see, or at least sense, the things we'll see. Happy Birthday love! (Oh, and as a birthday present, I've let you snore the whole time I've been typing this. As another present, I will now join you, at which time, birthday or not, you will have to stop. Love you!)


marzee said...

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Melissa said...

Happy birthday Coop! We love you too!