Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thank You for Christmas!

This Christmas season I'm grateful for a lot of things:

1. Snow. What fun to have a white Christmas!!
2. Rain that melts the snow and finally makes the roads drive-able again. Hooray for being able to leave the house!
3. Electricity. I am SO grateful to be warm!! Hot chocolate only goes so far.
4. Christmas trees. They're so magical, even if ours did die a week before Christmas.
5. Family traditions. It wouldn't be Christmas without them - gingerbread house decorating (Meri just took handfuls of candy and chucked it at her house), the annual Nativity puppet show (this year, none of the puppets' heads even fell off!), watching the Nativity movie with my girlies, and warm fuzzy Christmas pajamas.
6. Getting to finally go to church again (after two weeks being canceled due to snow) and teach our primary class. Always full of surprises.
7. The innocence of children. The fact that they were as thrilled with the box of cereal we could give them as they were with the wonderful, much bigger presents grandparents gave them.
8. A little break from school. Hooray for daddy being home and not having homework!
9. Christmas carols. Although I am quite sick of hearing Jingle Bell Rock, and the other two songs they play nonstop on 103.3, I love Christmas songs! That and Muppet's Christmas Carol are necessary for it to feel like Christmas!
10. The real reason for Christmas. Oh how I hope we can find a way to keep that from being overshadowed with gifts and all. Our testimonies of our Savior are the most valuable thing we can give our girls - I hope they can receive it as such as they grow!


Mandy said...

Okay, now I'm scared that you said your primary class is full of surprises . . . . Didn't you teach mine too?
Yikes! I can't wait to hear all about it. I owe you.

Kristen said...

perfection in a list! Hooray for all things Christmas!

Hannah said...

Christmas Trees are my favorite too. Erica's self-appointed task was to turn on the Christmas Tree lights every morning as soon as she came downstairs. I love picturing the nativity puppet show ;)

Anna Berne said...

why are andrew and i not on this top 10? here. 11. My brother Andrew and sister Anna coming back for the holidays. We loooove having them around to play with.
Now it is complete : )