Monday, December 01, 2008

Today's Top 10 (in no particular order)

1. Do you know the real lyrics to the Little Einsteins' Theme song? Jell's version goes, "Let's hear a big cheer for the otters of the day! Rolly balls! And a puppet and the beautiful eunuchs we play! Rolly balls! Rolly balls! Hurray!
2. On a similar, inappropriate note, we had Gnocchi the other night. To convince the girls to eat it we called them noodle balls. "Noodle" is apparently difficult to say. It came out Nuder balls, or Nueter balls - take your pick on the spelling.
3. When she heard "Angels We Have Heard On High," on the radio, Jell yelled, "Hey mom! She knows your song!"
4. When Jell finished her prayer last night, Meri yelled "Hey!" and pointed emphatically at Jell. Then she said, "Me," and pointed at herself. I asked if she had wanted to pray. She shook her head. Coop asked if she was upset Jell hadn't prayed for her and she nodded and confirmed, "Yeah!" So apparently she was offended at being left out!
5. Coop just caught Jell in a precarious position, gave her a look (with eyebrows raised), but before he could say anything, she said, "This IS a good idea!"
6. More Coop and Jell: He was struggling to get her clothes on her, and asked, "Are we just inept this morning or are you making this difficult on purpose?" She replied very matter-of-factly, "We're just inept this morning."
7. Meri likes to sing her own little happy song in the car. Whenever I chimed in, she'd shake her finger at me, say "no" firmly, then put her finger to her lips and shush me. Then she'd sing again. Ouch.
8. "Thanksgiving" was a confusing concept to Jell. The day of, she pointed excitedly to a folding table that had been set up and asked, "Is that Thanksgiving?" Later she asked the same about a pitcher of juice. And a stack of cups. And my brother. Whether she gets it or not though, she loves pumpkin pie!
9. Meri has taken to pointing at all men in books and calling them "Dada," and all women are, of course, "Mama." Today she even pointed at the life guard (short, teenage guy with black hair) and insisted, "Dada!" Less flatteringly, she pointed at the evil sea witch, Ursula, and said, "Mama!" Ouch again.
10. Coop often asks Meri, "Who does daddy love?" She used to excitedly say "Me!" Now, however, she first says, "umm, Mama!" Then, when Coop asks for others, she says "umm, Nell!" After further prodding, she kind of looks around the room mumbling, and finally, sheepishly, points to herself and says, "Me."


Lyndsey said...

You are hilarious and you girls are by far the best. I am glad to have a friend that is also dealing with crazy kids!!! You make me feel normal! Love you so much.

shaun said...

This is what I am talking about! Keep this stuff coming. If you start doing these posts on a regular basis you may be able to make money from all the visitors you end up getting. Your daughters freakin' crack me up... sorry I said, "freakin."

Jen said...

Your girls crack me up! Where do they come up with that stuff? You and Cooper are both great to stop and notice those funny situations!

marzee said...

cute. love it all.

Hannah said...

I always love these cute sayings. I think my favorite is "We are just inept this morning." Oh my! And Meri's responses to "who does daddy love?"